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What is cunyfirst hunter

CUNYfirst is a CUNY-wide online educational system that is taking the place of the computer systems in several key areas such as Student Administration/Records, Finance, and Human Resources, among others. Hunter college which is located in Manhattan is already using several CUNYfirst components such as Human Resources, Campus solutions and Financial supply claim. Hunter is one of the largest college in the CUNY.

Hunter College offers several master’s programs in nursing, nutrition, biomedical laboratory management, accounting, education, speech-language pathology and all the liberal arts, plus a number of accelerated and advanced certificate programs and courses.

Never share your CUNYfirst login information with anyone even if the people know you or you trust them, this is what is instructed in the Hunter. CUNYfirst is a fully integrated system, it shares the student account login information and will give others access to personal information, so as the social security number, wage/salary, home address, etc. CUNYfirst security is very strict and it determines the user’s needs on a need to know basis. The sharing of account information disables the strict security and exposes users to identity theft, hence this helps students in many different ways.

What is cunyfirst hunter email or hunter email

To create an cunyfirst hunter email all students get a Hunter email address ( upon admission and matriculation. The students can click there for further information.

For all faculty/staff get a Hunter email address on the Outlook-Exchange email system ( Faculty can click here for further information.

As there is risk of phishing/spam email scams, learn to protest yourself from it by visiting phising/spam information page

Faculty/Staff Hunter email

Many of the faculty and staff Hunter email accounts have been migrated to the Outlook Exchange email system. You can get more information on it on Outlook Exchange-Faculty and Staff Email web page.

If your email account has been migrated, then you can access your Hunter email at
If your email account has not yet been migrated, then you can access your Hunter email at

What is myhunter email ?

Each and every Hunter student has an email address that follows the following format:
CUNYfirst username followed by, e.g., [email protected] This new, Web-based system, called @MyHunter and it is powered by Microsoft Office365.

There are several benefits of @MyHunter email.
1. You get an email storage of 25GB
2. Message size is max to 25MB
3. You can have several contacts.
4. Calendar
5. Microsoft Outlook Web App
6. Integration of email, calendar and contacts
7. Myhunter email is mobile-friendly

Additionally, the new myhunter email system provides better spam and virus protection for your emails.

There is a professional looking email address that lets you to keep after you graduate from Hunter. This email address can be used on your resume while applying for jobs and internships.

The student email password is your CUNYfirst password. Whenever you change your CUNYfirst password, your email password will change automatically on its own. But that depends on the traffic volume on the CUNYfirst website, sometimes you may need to wait for sometime for your password to synchronize up with your CUNYfirst and email account.

Create cunyfirst hunter email account

To create Cunyfirst Hunter email account log into your @MyHunter (Office 365) email account at

1. CUNY PortalID or the Applicant Account is what is needed for CUNY schools. Fill out all the required information in the fields and submit. You can access the process of your Application, you can call the CUNY 212-997- CUNY (2869). Some students are given a Mychoice Account by Admissions Office where you need to click on the option if you will be attending or not attending to your email address.

2. You will be able to claim the CUNY portal or the student account after a week of acceptance or payment of your comitment deposit for Undergrad Students or if you are registering as a non-degree student.

3. To Register into the Freshman Orientation or Transfer Orientation visit the website

4. When you register the students will be able to receive email in their @myHunter email Account (Office 365) and the faculty will receive email in their @Hunter email Account(Exchange).

5. There is a NetID account that allows you to login to Wifi, Public Access Computers (PACS), Public Computing Services (PCS) computers, OneCard Account Website to add money onto OneCard account and keeps a record of transactions done by the students and faculty.

Hence creating CUNY portal ID or Student Account allows you to access your profile to change your primary college in order to view your Degreeworks and explore the other courses on Blackboard. Professors use Blackboard to post announcements, assignments and the students can communicate through disscussion boards, their office hours, and email. You receive messages from the professor, you must make sure that your @myhunter email address is updated in Blackboard.

login myhunter email

To login to the myhunter email, you need to follow few steps:
Sign in to @myHunter (Office 365):
Step 1. Go to the @MyHunter (Office 365) sign in page at:
Step 2. Type your complete email address and password.
Important Note: Your new email address will be your CunyFirst ID followed by
Step 3. If you want to be able to close your browser window and remain logged in to Office 365 until you sign out, click Keep me signed in.
– If you click Keep me signed in and then sign out of @MyHunter (Office 365), you are prompted to re-enter your password the next time you sign in to @MyHunter (Office 365).
– For security purposes, it is recommend that you use Keep me signed in only on private computers, and never on public or shared computers.
Step 4. Click on the Sign in button.

Cuny portal, Cunyfirst blackboard, Cunyfirst bcc

What is cuny portal?

Year by year, hundreds and thousands of students choose The City University of New York for a multitude of reasons that can be summarized as opportunity. The University is known to be providing a quality, accessible education, regardless of background or means, has been CUNY’s mission since 1847.

The University’s unwavering commitment to that principle is a source of enormous pride which serves the students with the best of knowledge. CUNY has a legislatively mandated mission to be of vital importance as a vehicle for the upward mobility of the disadvantaged in the City of New York and to remain responsive to the needs of its urban setting, while ensuring equal access and opportunity to the students, faculty and staff. It included people from all ethnic and racial groups and without regard to gender and without discrimination.

CUNY portal is a new, enhanced portal, connecting students, faculty and staff with the University’s resources, services provided by the University, benefits, applications, activities and opportunities – and with each other, as an interconnected community. This new portal retains all the important links, such as eSIMS online registration and email information, along with volunteer opportunities so that CUNY students can be of service to others – to individuals, to our college and University community, and to our city.

Create cuny portal account

To create a cuny port account, these steps are to be followed:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: If you have previously registered on the CUNY portal at any point in the past, type in your Username and Password and click “Log-in.”

If you have never registered on the CUNY portal, click “Create a New Account.” A new page will display seven categories for registration: student, faculty, staff, applicant, alumni, visitor or continuing ed. Select the appropriate link. Students, faculty and staff must enter their last name, Social Security number and birth date, in order to authenticate their connection with the University.

Login cuny portal

CUNY Applicants have to fill out an online application to register for a CUNY Portal Account OR if you already have a portal account, sign in below.

Step 1: Register for a New Account >> Account and Password Reset >>
Step 2: E-mail a New Password >>


If the students have Username but forgot their Password, click on “Email a New Password” on the Portal Log-in page (, you will be taken to a new page and asked for your Username. Your new Password will then be emailed to your registered email address. You can change the Password subsequently by modifying your profile.

If you forget both your Username and your Password, click on “Account and Password Reset” in the middle of the Portal Log-in page ( You will be taken to a new page and asked to verify the information you provided when you originally registered. Your Username will be retrieved and displayed and you can reset your Password.

What is cunyfirst blackboard

Blackboard is a system, which is being accessed via the CUNY Portal, this blackboard helps you to go through your course materials on a web page open only to the students registered in your course. You will be able to email all of the students from the particular course at once, establish discussion threads where you and your students can continuously post email on a particular subject, or even have real-time discussion with students on the topics can be held.

Hence Blackboard Learn is a CUNY’s enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) that is centrally supported and managed by the Office of Computing and Information Services (CIS), and staff and instructional leaders on the campuses.

Blackboard Learn allows the students and faculty to participate in classes that are given online or use online materials and activities to substitute face-to-face teaching. The degree to which Blackboard Learn is used at the University varies, but the main concept of blackboard is to support the development and delivery of web-enhanced, hybrid, and online instructional opportunities,

Faculty should find useful resources on this website: information on Blackboard development at CUNY; User Guides with information on using new and improved features; and answers of the FAQs that are mostly asked by the students. Students will also find useful information on Blackboard; and answers to their Frequently Asked Questions.

Create cuny blackboard acc

The login method for Blackboard is to add new CUNY login credentials, which are being incorporated into an increasing number of CUNY services.

Login cuny blackboard

Using the new credentials, the student will access Blackboard from the same login points you currently use but will log in using your CUNYfirst username followed by ‘’ and your CUNYfirst password.

Blackboard, DegreeWorks, and FACTS are all switching over to these new login credentials in July. CUNY plans to transition the key applications to the new credentials. This will make the task easier for the students that is the student will have fewer usernames and passwords to remember.

What is cunyfirst bcc

CUNYfirst, which stands for Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool is a software that has almost replaced many of our aging computer systems in the field of Student Administration, Finance and Human Resources. The ongoing implementation of all CUNYfirst applications includes a multi-year process with CUNY colleges being brought online several institutions at a time. this new software continues to play a key role in helping the University realize its goal of an integrated CUNY.

create cunyfirst bcc acc

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click New User
Step 3: Enter
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Social Security Number (last 4 digits)
Step 4″ Click OK.
Step 5: Select your Challenge Questions and Answers.
These are not case sensitive and must be at least two characters long.
Step 6: Choose your password.
Your password must be at least eight characters long, and contain at least one UPPERCASE character AND at least one numeral or a symbol.
Step 7: After you have entered your password and confirmed it, click OK.
Your CUNYfirst account is now activated. Please make note of your username and password and keep it in a safe place. You will need to update your password every 90 days.
Claim Y

Login cunyfirst bcc

After creating the account, login into the cunyfirst bcc account visiting
Enter Username and password
Browse for the infromation.